A Shift to “the Threat from Within”


When you place two mindless twits like Chuck Todd and Kamala Harris in a room with cameras and microphones, you are guaranteed to get incredibly ignorant sound bites that feed the appetite for the drivel of the Left. On Meet the Press this past Sunday, Todd sat down with Harris and provided her leading questions that equated the terrorist attack on our country on 9/11 with the so-called insurrection of the Capitol. Terrorists commandeering commercial planes and, flying them into the twin towers, Pentagon, and crashing into a grassy field in Pennsylvania are the same as Republicans who disagree with the Democrat administration and disciples. This lunacy is the thinking of the Left and the complicit media that claimed to want to unify our country.

The Party and its leaders who defunded the Police, opened and eradicated our Southern Border, have watched crime rates soar in every city nationwide, have watched over nearly 200,000 Fentanyl poisoning deaths in two years, and still do not accept the 2016 Election or the 2020 Georgia Governor race has the audacity to call Republicans enemies of the State. Depending on the day, we are either racists, fascists, or worse, MAGA.

MAGA Republicans are not radical. They are people with such a love for this country that they want to see it great again. Why should any patriot of America want anything less for her? We still see the Constitution as the roadmap given to us by our brilliant young forefathers. We still see America as the land of infinite opportunities and equality, not equity, for all.

Why are the Democrats resorting to attacking the character of Republicans? It is a diversionary tactic to instill fear in voters’ minds because they cannot convince Americans that their policies are working. Polls show that 75% of Americans see our country going in the wrong direction. This number is significant because you usually cannot get 75% to approve of anything, and that number has to include a high number of Democrats and Independents. You don’t win many races when you only have the support of 25% of the voters.

That Todd even asked the question and that Harris had an immediate rehearsed answer shows the collaboration between the two. It is unnerving that this administration is taking its eye off foreign terrorists in lieu of what they call domestic terrorists. This approach is not conducive to solid national security but is in line with the lack of concern at the Southern Border. It is known that terrorists are entering along with the two million illegal aliens, but that is not enough to secure the Border.

These people have much to account for, but as long as they stay on the offense and continue to vilify all Republicans, the media will never hold the Democrat’s feet to the fire. The new CPI numbers came out today, showing that inflation and recession are here to stay with no plan to reverse them. Illinois became the first state to pass a No Bail Law, eliminating cash bail for most offenses. This law keeps criminals on the street and further threatens our safety.

While Democrats are spending so much time and energy to convince America that we on the Right need to be controlled or eliminated, they are doing nothing to get us back on track. They have no plan, and that does not fare well for our future.

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