Biden nominates Soviet-born former Communist youth leader for Comptroller


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WASHINGTON — Last week, President Joe Biden officially nominated Saule Omarova to be Comptroller of the Currency. He named Omarova as a possible pick back in September.

Omarova has, let’s call it, a questionable past. William Jasper, for The New American, detailed some of the concerns with the nominee, starting with her being born in Soviet Kazakhstan. Of course, she had no choice in where she was born and most born under Communist rule know how horrible it is, but for Omarova it appears she has always embraced Communism and still does today.

According to Jasper, Omarova was the leader of a Communist Party youth organization, the Komsomol. She received a Vladimir Lenin scholarship to attend Moscow State University (MSU) and wrote a thesis titled “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital.”

Jasper wrote that Omarova wrote a research paper in 2020 proposing “a federal National Investment Authority to commandeer private and public funds for climate changeinfrastructure and other central-planning projects,” and she also called for  “digital ‘FedAccounts’ that would ‘fully replace’ private bank deposits” in a separate article written that same year.

At MSU, Omarova studied “scientific communism,” according to the Daily Mail, and she has troubles following through on paying her personal debts.

Senator Pat Tommey of Pennsylvania, a top Republican member of the banking committee, has asked for Omarova’s MSU thesis which he says was apparently scrubbed back in 2017 from her resume.

According to another Daily Mail report, an official from MSU said of the thesis: “It was destroyed long ago. We do not have a copy.”

I dont think Ive ever seen a more radical choice for any regulatory spot in our federal government,” Toomey said. “She clearly has an aversion to anything like free market capitalism.

Amanda Gonzalez Thompson, a spokesperson for the Senate Banking Committee Republicans, said: “Ms. Omarova has time to attack Republicans in an interview with the Financial Times, but she cant be bothered to comply with a Banking Committee requirement that nominees — regardless of their political party or ideology — submit copies of their writings. We certainly hope she reconsiders so senators have the information necessary to fulfill their constitutional duty to advise and consent on appointments.

Thompson was referring to an article in which Omarova criticized the Republican concerns as attacks on her for being “an immigrant, a woman, a minority.” Omarova also told the Financial Times that there was no academic freedom and her topic for her thesis at MSU was mandated.

What I wrote in that paper has nothing to do with what I believed in then or in what I believe in now,” Omarova said.

While that may seem like a valid excuse because no doubt there was no academic freedom at MSU, Omarova moved to America in 1991 and has been involved in openly Marxist groups as recently as 2019. According to American Military News, Omarova joined a Facebook group called “Marxist Analysis and Policy” in 2019, the group stating: “A culture of diverse Marxist, Socialist and radical views is the framework for the group.

Tom Jones, founder of the American Accountability Foundation, said: “The group post and the membership is important because I think at some point she’s gonna come out and say, ‘Well, you know, the Marxist thing is not really a thing for me anymore. I’m just a financial regulator.’ I think this reinforces that her past of being a Marxist scholar in the Soviet Union has continued.

Another thing to note is that in much of the reporting on Omarova, the claim is made that she is in opposition to big banks and she support massively increasing the power of the Federal Reserve. The Fed is the biggest bank of all and already effectively has total control over banks and markets. So, it might be fair to say she loves big banks so much she just wants the government’s monopoly on banking to become official.

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