Biden vaccine mandate on private employers goes into effect

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WASHINGTON — The vaccine mandate rules that were announced by President Joe Biden on private employers have gone into effect.

OSHA created the rules in response to the demands of President Biden after his federal worker vaccine mandate in September. It applies to any employer with over 100 employees.

The Associated Press announced the new rule on Thursday morning. According to OSHA, if an employer does not comply by the January 4 deadline, they can face penalties of up to $14,000 per violation. Employees must be vaccinated or have weekly COVID tests.

Approximately 84 million Americans fall under the latest order by the Biden regime. Employees are able to file for exemption under medical or religious reasoning, but it is unclear how employers will handle that given the recent rulings from the Supreme Court in cases that have already been filed.

According to the AP, “OSHA drafted the rules under emergency authority meant to protect workers from an imminent health hazard. Senior administration officials said the rules preempt conflicting state laws or orders, including those that ban employers from requiring vaccinations, testing or the wearing of face masks.”

Multiple lawsuits are expected against the order. Republican governors have vowed to fight the federal rulings and overreach. It is expected that the first lawsuits could be announced later today.

As part of the ruling, OSHA said that employers are not required to pay for COVID tests for employees because the COVID vaccines are free. This could lead to significant expense for an employee that may need to take weekly COVID tests. In essence, it’s an anti-vaccine tax on employees.

The Biden regime has used this means as a way to force Americans into taking a vaccine that they may have refused up to this point. Many employers have complained about the vaccine mandate and the timing of its release.

The AP reports that many retailers are concerned that the mandate will make the already challenging holiday season worse. Retail stores are struggling with staffing and losing additional staff to a vaccine mandate will be a major issue. Many are concerned that it will make supply chain issues worse.

Perhaps that is exactly what the Biden regime is looking for.

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