Car Loads of FBI Agents Swarmed “My Pillow’s” Mike Lindell, But Hunter Biden Travels On Air Force One


As you likely know by now, the Biden Regime is going 100 percent “North Korea” and using the full power of the government to go after their political opposition. It’s one of the most disgusting and scary things we’ve ever seen unfold in this county. It’s truly the biggest step Dems have taken on their path to pure communism. This isn’t how you battle your political adversaries. You don’t demonize half the country in a “Hitler-like” speech, calling them terrorists, and you don’t sick your corrupted DOJ against them, either. Instead, offer solutions and ideas that work for average Americans. Not some elitist “green lifestyle” that makes rich white liberals feel good.

But Dems can’t do that, can they? No. They can’t. So they’re unleashing this “Gestapo” like plan trying to shakedown their political opposition in the most Marxist way humanly possible. They can’t legit beat them at the ballot box, so this is their new plan.

And it’s getting crazier by the minute. “My Pillow” CEO Mike Lindell says that he was raided and the FBI took his phone.

Why? Why on earth are they doing this?

Meanwhile, Biden’s lying, cheating, crack-smoking kid is flying around on Air Force One.

Here’s what angry Americans are saying:

“So Hillary Clinton paid a literal Russian spy (Danchenko), to fabricate evidence about Trump, which was then presented by corrupt agents within the FBI, to the FISA court, to justify spying on Donald Trump. “Treason!” This makes Nixon’s crime look like a joke. Where’s the media?”

“FBI needs correcting”

“Biden’s gestapo.”

“This is so unjust”

“These are scary times.”

“I don’t recognize this sort of Government; which raids a citizen to try to find something with which to levy a charge… The only Gov’t by which there are no restrains on this sort of intrusion…. Is a Communist one.”

“Yeah gotta be careful of those evil folk selling pillows!! Thank god for the FBI. How embarrassing…..”

“We’ve got kids being trafficked and abused, and this is what the FBI is doing. They need a total gut and redo” 

“They are even going after Tucker…. at what point do we say “Enough”?”

“It’s so obvious they’re building a subversion/insurrection case against Trump. They’ll lie and leak and set up people with process errors to get low information voters to believe Trump wanted to overthrow our government.”

Tucker Carlson is all over this story:

“I told you last night that the Biden administration has politicized law enforcement to the point where it feels Soviet,” Tucker Carlson said. “And we were not overstating it. The FBI has just raided the guy who sells pillows on this channel. Not because the pillows were bad, but because they don’t like who we voted for. Matt Finn is tracking the developments in that story tonight. Matt?”

You can literally smell the fear and desperation coming from the Democrats. They don’t have a virus and a tsunami of mail-in ballots to save them this time. I don’t know what it’s going to take to get some semblance of balance back in this country.

I fear it’s not possible.

We opened a Pandora’s Box when we dared to elect an outsider and it can’t be undone. It’s scary to think about what else will unfold, but I know that if we the people stick together, we will win.

God Bless Mike Lindell.

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