Critics mock Sen. Chuck Schumer’s rap flow at NYC hip-hop concert


Chuck Schumer is getting a bad rap.

The Senate majority leader drew jeers for his awkward flow at a Bronx hip-hop concert celebrating the start of New York City’s “Homecoming Week” Monday.

Holding a large plaque, the 70-year-old New York lawmaker shimmied up on stage, where Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. set him up by asking: “You got some bars, Chuck?”

“I got the bars, I got the plaque, I got the music, we got it all!,” the four-term senator belted to the crowd.

A clip of the cringe-inducing performance was posted on Twitter by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s press secretary Bill Neidhardt, with responses ranging from “Sorry I can’t” to “Oh lord.”

“Oh sweet Jesus don’t. Just don’t,” one user commented.

Chuck Schumer told a roaring crowed he had “the bars.”
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Another snarked: “Probably the most disturbing thing I’ve seen today.”

One critic simply issued a call for “Term limits.”

Gawker, the recently revived snippy gossip website, found that Schumer had a “sad cadence that would never get him past handing out CDs in Union Square” in an article titled “New York Rap Is Alive And Unwell.”

The senator’s press secretary Angelo Roefaro had a few words for the haters.

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer presents Universal Hip Hop Museum founder Rocky Bucano with a resolution declaring it National Hip Hop Day during "It's Time for Hip Hop in NYC: The Bronx at Orchard Beach on August 16, 2021 in Bronx, New York.
Chuck Schumer held a large plaque and shimmied up on stage.
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

“That was just his warm-up act,” Roefaro quipped. “Next stop: America’s Got Talent.”

Schumer and Diaz Jr. weren’t the only pols to make it out to Orchard Beach. The mayor was also in attendance, appearing like a kid in a candy store when he met Bronx rapper Slick Rick backstage.

The legendary performer placed a giant Africa chain around Hizzoner’s neck, and de Blasio gushed, “Does it get better than this? I feel special now.”

“Thank you to Slick Rick @therulernyc for the greatest honor of my career,” the mayor added in a clip of the encounter.

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