God or Satan, who does the U.S. Military serve?


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Charlotte, NC — “Arbitrary governing hath no alliance with God.”—Samuel Rutherford, Lex, Rex, or the Law and the Prince: A Dispute for the Just Prerogative of King and People.

Tucker Carlson revealed that a PowerPoint presentation by the U.S. Army gave a “sympathetic portrayal of Satanism,” which included the 7 tenets of Satanism in an effort to push the COVID-19 jabs.

According to Carlson, the Army confirmed the use of the tenets, although it did not approve of it.

“We called the Army about this today, and they conceded that the PowerPoint you just saw is absolutely real, troops saw it, but it was somehow ‘not approved by Army leadership.’ They did not explain how that works or what they’re going to do about it,” Carlson said.

Following the father of lies, whoever administered this PowerPoint lied in stating there have only been 3 deaths by the shots. Carlson points out that the Biden administration admits the number of deaths is in the thousands. The government’s own reporting system stands at 15,386 deaths, which of course only captures a small percentage of actual adverse events with the number possibly being over 150,000, according to an expert witness at a Food and Drug Administration meeting. Just ask the loads of whistleblower nurses, like Deborah Conrad who noted the lengths hospital managements are going to suppress the data as she was once heralded with an excellence award for treating COVID-19 patients but is now viewed as a “danger” for wanting to report adverse events.

The Biden vax mandate should anger all who believe in liberty and who have faith in God, whether you think the jabs are effective or not.

“It was scandalous and infuriating to hear President Joseph R. Biden argue last week that his so-called vaccine mandates somehow have nothing to do with freedom or personal choice,” wrote Andrew Napolitano. “In saying that, he has rejected our history, our values and the Constitution he swore to uphold.”

Napolitano added: “All modern presidents have misunderstood their obligations under the Constitution. From (Woodrow) Wilson to Biden, they have argued that their first job is to keep us safe. That obligation is self-assumed. Their first job under the Constitution is to keep us free. Even if the government keeps us safe but unfree, we have the duty to alter or abolish it. The alternative is the twilight of freedom and the coming age of voluntary servitude.”

The lies have been easily seen from the beginning of this government-made nightmare. We even have the American Medical Association training doctors to lie. Kit Knightly, for the Off-Guardian, provided a detailed list of 30 facts that expose the lies.

Even with all the deceit so easily seen, we get so-called “conservative” pastors like Robert Jeffress who says his church, First Baptist Dallas, is “neither offering nor encouraging members to seek religious exemptions from the vaccine mandates …. There is no credible religious argument against the vaccines.”

Thankfully, there are still Christian men in the pulpit and in the military who are resisting this tyranny.

Jeff Durbin, pastor of Apologia Church in Arizona, has launched Stand with Warriors to help the legal defense of military members resisting the shots.

R. Davis Younts, a JAG lawyer representing “a large group” of mostly Navy SEALS, said they “are being asked to choose between their faith and their ability to serve our nation.” He added: “They have been told that if they seek a religious accommodation, they likely will no longer be able to serve our country as Navy SEALs and been given an arbitrary deadline to comply with the vaccine mandate. My clients need time, and we are seeking at least a 90-day extension to vaccine mandate compliance deadline they have been given.”

Durbin said he is counseling a “significant number of Navy SEALS” who resisting, including many who have natural immunity. He notes that these SEALS are “critical thinkers” who have studied the shots. They understand these are experimental and there’s alarming short-term data on the ill effects of the jabs, which is covered up by a media hellbent on pushing the narrative rather than informing the public.

“These Christian men recognize a very important fact, that if no transcendent law is recognized above the state, then the state has become god,” Durbin said. “And they can’t abide by that. These are men who are submitted to the Lord Jesus Christ as ultimate.”

Durbin added: “For them, this is about Christ, this about neighbor and ultimately this is about the Gospel itself. I’m speaking on their behalf right now. They want people to know that they believe that this nation is dealing with a problem, and the problem is not just left or right, it’s not merely political and dealing with partisan politics. The issue before us in this nation is sin.”

In the meantime, Durbin is encouraging the public to contact their congressmen to get them to stand up for our liberty. You can start by asking them to support Rep. Thomas Massie’s (R-KY) bill he submitted in June which “prohibits the use of federal funds to require a member of the Armed Forces to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. The bill also prohibits adverse action (e.g., punishment) being taken against a member of the Armed Forces because the member refuses to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.” It currently has 36 co-sponsors, all Republican.

We’re in the midst of a spiritual war. The time for choosing is now. Which side are you on?

“You and I are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right. Well, I’d like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There’s only an up or down — man’s old-aged dream, the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order, or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. And regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would trade our freedom for security have embarked on this downward course.”—Ronald Reagan, “A Time for Choosing.”

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