King Charles is a Reported “Terror” Behind Palace Doors… Here’s a List Of His Insane “Daily Demands”


The fact that there’s a report out claiming King Charles is a “terror” behind closed doors, is not a shock to me. I have seen one story after another about what a spoiled, wretched nightmare Charles has always been. He’s a fussy, demanding, intolerant jackass from what most people say… But the news about his “daily demands” is almost too much to bear.

King Charles will always be known as the spoiled king. He’s a man-child who’s been coddled and pampered like a baby his entire life. Radar Online is reporting on the list of insane “daily demands” that this man has, and I have to tell you, it’s stomach-turning. King Charles III has been a terror behind the scenes at the palace and has a long list of daily demands from his staff, has learned. Sources exposed the late Queen Elizabeth’s son’s lavish requests and revealed Charles was nicknamed the “pampered prince.”

Queen Elizabeth’s ex-butler Paul Burrell spoke out about his time at the palace in the documentary, Serving The Royals: Inside The Firm.

Burrell — who also served Princess Diana — said Charles needed everything from his shoelaces ironed to his toothpaste put on his toothbrush.

Charles is said to have his own toilet seat that he travels with. The King brings his own toilet paper to use whenever he leaves his home.

The ex-butler said Charles had “everything done for him.”
Sources revealed Charles’ “pajamas are pressed every morning, his shoelaces are pressed flat with an iron, the bath plug has to be in a certain position, and the water temperature has to be just tepid.”

Charles “has his valets squeeze one inch of toothpaste onto his toothbrush every morning,” the documentary revealed.

The King then moves on to breakfast where he has homemade bread, a bowl of fresh fruit, and juice.

A former chef revealed that “Wherever the prince goes in the world, the breakfast box goes with him. He has six different types of honey, some special mueslis, his dried fruit, and anything that’s a bit special that he is a bit fussy about.”

The King is so particular about his food that his cheese and biscuits have to be a certain temperature before he can eat them.

He takes no chances and even has his staff send his “bed, furniture, and even pictures” to locations before he arrives.

Gee, he sounds like a real “man of the people” doesn’t he? And don’t forget, Charles is “woke” and a climate nutbag. Another liberal elite who’s preaching to the peasants how to live, while he flies around in private jets and has his bedroom furniture shipped to locations he travels to because he’s “fussy.”

Please, never listen to these people. Just mock them… relentlessly.

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