Louisiana Minor Jabbed without Parental Consent as Push to Force Experiment on Kids Heats Up


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Baton Rouge, LA — A mother, Jennifer Ravain, of an East Jefferson High School student in Kenner, Louisiana is planning to sue Ochsner Health System (OHS) after her 16-year-old son was given a COVID-19 shot without her permission at a mobile clinic at the school on Oct. 20.

The family’s attorney, G. Shelly Maturin, said the family is not against the shots but wanted “to do more homework” before submitted the 16-year-old to the experimental drug, according to the Daily Signal. The boy received a Pfizer jab and immediately suffered adverse side effects, albeit minor effect Maturin said.

A nurse with Ochsner, presumably knowing my client to be below the age of consent, gave him a form to sign that would normally be signed by a parent or guardian and instructed him to sign his name, print, and date,” Maturin said adding that the boy “was under the impression that he was just signing up to get the shot at a later date, but was told that they were giving shots right then and there. Being 16, he felt pressure and took the shot.”

Dr. Robert Hart, an OHS spokesman, stated that “we have procedures in place to ensure that all policies are followed; however, in this instance, this did not occur, and he said the procedures are being revised to “ensure that this does not happen again.”

Ravain believes her son was not the only minor to be jabbed at the mobile clinic without parental consent, according to a local NBC affiliate’s report, and other parents are upset by this situation.

“If something were to happen to my child that he signed for or they allowed him to do without my consent, who’s going to be responsible for taking care of any medical bills for the rest of his life if something were to happen,” mother Danielle Woods told NBC. She added: “I’m not saying that anybody should or should not get it, but it is my personal choice. And I don’t feel like it’s right for them to take that away from me.”

Jessica Pedalino, another mother, said it’s a violation of parental rights. She said: “I would be so gut wrenched if something like that happened to my child, and I feel for the parent that that happened to.”

The push is now heating up to jab kids as a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel voted 17-0, with on abstention, to approve an emergency use authorization (EUA) for the Pfizer shot for kids 5 to 11. It still needs full FDA approval.

Several members of that FDA panel admitted this shots are a big experiment needed to learn the effects of the jabs while Life Site News exposed the crony ties between several of those members; Archana Chatterjee, Dr. Myron Levine and Dr. Geeta Krishna Swamy; and Pfizer.

Life Site News reported: “Pfizer admitted in a report released on Friday before the meeting that its test group was too small to detect any potential risks of myocarditis associated with vaccination. The pharma giant intimated that it doesn’t know the long-term effects of the jab, but studies will be conducted over the next few years.

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander says the jab will undermine the immune systems of children and America is “playing a dangerous game and are weakening formerly healthy robust immune systems.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is heavily pushing the mainstream propaganda narrative as David Marks writes: “In what is potentially the greatest historical instance of iatrogenesis, the youth of America are about to participate in an experiment promulgated by those who should be protecting them…. If the AAP is truly concerned about children’s health, we should be reading opinion pieces regarding the dangers of environmental toxins, the benefits of breastfeeding in reducing cancer, dietary risks of denatured foods and concerns for the immense pressure that children are under to conform to a society distorted by the pressure to consume at any cost.

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