Opinion: FDA Approves of Experimenting on Kids, CDC Pushes Fourth Shot: Why does anyone believe the narrative?


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WASHINGTON — “Until we appropriately care for those already injured, acknowledge the full scope of injuries that are happening to adults, please do not give this to kids. You have a very clear responsibility to appropriately assess the risks and benefits to these vaccines. It is obvious that isn’t happening,” Brian Dressen, a chemist, implored the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee last week.

As reported, that advisory committee voted 17-0, with one member abstaining, to recommend an emergency use authorization (EUA) to jab kids between 5 and 11 with the Pfizer shot. That was with admissions that it’s all a big experiment with comments like this from voting member Dr. Eric Rubin: “We’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.”

That was an advisory vote, and by Friday the FDA issued their rubber stamp, according to the AP. Now, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will meet this Tuesday to “make more detailed recommendations on which youngsters should get vaccinated, with a final decision by the agency’s director expected shortly afterwards,” the AP states.

As well all know, with “regard to COVID and children, data shows they are at little-to-no risk from the virus itself,” as Life Site News reports, but by all means submit the kids to experimentation.

As for Dressen, his concerns were unheard by the powers that be despite his wife submitting to safety trials last year. Dressen’s wife suffered injuries after the first jab and quit the trials before the second jab, and the response from the pharmaceutical industry was to cover it up.

“Because study protocol requires two doses, she was dropped from the trial, and her access to the study app deleted,” Dressen said. Her reaction is not described in the recently released clinical trial report — 266 participants are described as having an adverse event leading to discontinuation, with 56 neurological reactions tallied.

Dressen added: “Injured support groups are growing. Memberships number into at least the tens of thousands. We must do better. Those injured in a trial are a critical piece of vaccine safety data. They are being tossed aside and forgotten. The FDA has known first-hand about her case and thousands of others. The FDA has also stated that their own systems are not identifying this issue and that VAERS is not designed to identify any multi-symptom signals. The system is broken.”

Also last week, with little fanfare, the “CDC quietly updated its COVID vaccine guidance,” as reported by Megan Redshaw for The Defender. Last Monday, the CDC announced those “who are moderately and severely immunocompromised” should take a fourth shot and also said a third shot is now not a booster but rather a primary jab.

As the CDC admits, it’s to “combat waning immunity,” or in other words, the shots don’t work. Whoops, I don’t think I’m supposed to say that.

Redshaw quotes Dr. Peter McCullough who warns about the spike proteins by the ongoing jab after jab after jab after jab…. You get the point. The boosters will be never ending.

“With repeated doses of the COVID-19 vaccines, the spike protein will progressively accumulatein the brain, heart and other vital organs exceeding the rate of clearance,” McCullough said. The spike protein is well known to cause disease, such as myocarditis and neurologic damage as well as injuring blood vessels and promoting blood clotting.”

Brian Hooker, the chief scientific officer for Children’s Health Defense added: “As the CDC is now recommending a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, we are in uncharted territory regarding vaccine efficacy and adverse events. Rechallenging a sensitized immune system with the same pathogen over and over again could lead to an exponential increase in vaccine injuries with each additional jab.”

After each passing day and each passing decision by the medical tyrants, the narrative keeps being undermined. Yet, the narrative keeps going strong. How is it that anyone is willing to submit to this experiment? What does continued compliance mean for the future?

The next target of this murderous nation-state and all its partners are the children; all the children,” wrote Gary Barnett. The injection of toxic and deadly poisons in children from infancy to adult is not only desired, but already underway in some areas, with a goal of ‘vaccinating’ every child in this country over the next year and after. If this is allowed to go forward by the sheep in this country, what future is possible for this and any upcoming generations? Freedom cannot be won or exist in any system that has taken control of the young through gene-altering, immune system destructive protocols, and experimental control technology, administered by state mandate in order to either, maim, kill, or control the bulk of society.

Barnett added: “In order for this plot against mankind to go forward, the people have to voluntarily submit to the state’s agenda. Without this voluntary submission, the state will fail, but with continued compliance and strict obedience by the masses, nothing of what has been known in the past as a normal life in a somewhat free country will remain. All that can be expected in any passive, indifferent, and docile society of a collective mass of ignorance, is a life in a technocratic matrix of total control and dependence on the evil few. This is our future if mass resistance is not forthcoming!

Yes, we are seeing resistance growing, but is it enough? Time will tell.

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