Opinion: Tuesday does little to ease worries of election fraud


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Charlotte, NC — The biggest news story of the day will be that Republicans won key races in Virginia and that the New Jersey governor’s race is too close to call. That is certainly a given, but there is one other key point that is worth discussing. Did the election on Tuesday do anything to calm the fears of election fraud or prove fair and honest elections in the US?

While Republicans may have one some races and performed well in those that they weren’t, I am not sure this goes far in helping prove anything about our elections.

It obviously started in Virginia, where ballots were being rescanned after reported issues in Fairfax county. I am certainly not suggesting that this was an act of election fraud because I have no proof of such. But this is the exact type of action that has given pause to many among those who want to talk about voter fraud and the mail-in ballot questions from 2020.

It seemed early on that mail-in ballots would once again be an issue as well. In Virginia, any mail-in ballots would need to be received by Friday in order to be counted. That leaves a wide-open door for a lot of ballots to be received in the right circumstance and situation.

This is exactly what I think mattered on Tuesday as well. The situation was much different in 2021 versus 2020. Not that this was generally a local election year and focused on a couple of key races. It has nothing to do with that.

Election resources are much different in congressional race years and presidential election years. There are many more people involved and a lot more processes in place that allow the opportunity for someone to potentially abuse the system. If Democrats really wanted to prove a fair and honest election, Tuesday gave them a great opportunity to do so without disrupting the system in a congressional or presidential election year. But they didn’t.

You could also see how the mainstream media helped the narrative, hoping that the Democrats had something up their sleeve as well on Tuesday night. Even after Decision Desk, multiple conservative media outlets, and more were already projecting Glenn Youngkin the winner, they refused. They simply could not believe that the Democrats would let the Republicans win.

This is exactly what this may be a case of. A case where Democrats let Republicans win. After all, the Democrat party believes that the federal government usurps state government in every aspect of life. They believe that if they control the federal government, it does not matter what the governors want to do. In that mindset, Youngkin is not a threat to them.

The mainstream media will use Trump’s statements against him also. Trump told Todd Starnes that if the election was fair and honest, Youngkin would win. That was a bold statement by Trump that will certainly be a talking point.

Mainstream media will seize on this to help push the fair election agenda as well. They will say that Youngkin won, and by Trump’s own admission, this is a sign the elections are fair and honest. It may not happen in the next few days, but it will certainly happen as we approach anyone announcing their candidacy for the Republican nomination for 2024.

So while this year’s election could have been a case of proving the election fraud didn’t happen, instead, we find ourselves no more convinced than we were before. At best, it looks like Democrats underestimated both Youngkin and Jack Ciattarelli in New Jersey. At worst, it looks like they did not plan enough of their mail-in ballots to swing the election for the strong Republican turnout.

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