Principal vows action after exam question lumps together KKK, Fox News, Florida, and Texas


A California high school principal is vowing to take action after a controversial exam question lumped together Fox News, Florida, Texas, and the KKK.

What happened?

Last week, a social science teacher at Whitney High School in Rocklin, California, administered a quiz that asked students to identify a “complete group of idiots,” providing the answer choices of “KKK,” “all of Florida,” “Fox News,” and “Texans.”

An image of the question went viral on social media.

Students and parents said they believe the question meant to target and demean students who hold conservative political beliefs.

“I do believe that the intent of the questions on the test were to ridicule students who had conservative beliefs and make them feel bad for feeling that way,” student Jessica Krissovich told KOVR-TV.

One anonymous parent who spoke with KTXL-TV said their child is taking a class with the teacher in question and explained anti-conservative bias is an ongoing problem with the teacher.

“The question on the test is really blatant obviously and that's out there,” the parent told the news outlet. “This has been the first time it has been looked at of him crossing the line.”

What did the school administration say?

Whitney High School principal Justin Cutts released a letter to parents promising disciplinary action against the teacher.

The letter said, in part:

On Thursday, November 4, 2021, a quiz was assigned to students by a social science teacher. However, students, families, and the Rocklin community have raised concerns about the class assignment. The Whitney High School Administration Team and the Rocklin Unified School District recognized and shares their concerns and is conducting a thorough investigation.

Whitney High and Rocklin United is committed to providing each student, family, and staff with a safe and welcoming environment. While personnel matters will remain confidential, appropriate disciplinary steps will be taken.

Anything else?

Alumni of Whitney High School are now circulating an online petition asking for the teacher to be fired.

“[The teacher] has polarized his classroom, by bringing in personal politics into the academic environment. He has worked to polarize his students, alienating his ‘Conservative' students in what should be a politically neutral, safe space,” the petition states.

“As an alumni of Whitney High School, I only want to see the best for the students, staff, and school as a whole. It frustrates me seeing someone in leadership abuse their power,” the petition adds. “I do not wish any ill-will towards [the teacher] and his family, but actions like this should not be tolerated on campus.”

So far, 214 people have signed the petition.

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