Public Mistrust in the Medical Industrial Complex


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Charlotte, NC — Globally, citizens have been inundated with constant vaccine encouragement and outright propaganda for months. Companies have virtue signaled, bribed, and most recently, threatened individuals to get the jab.

Whether it’s blatant segregation in some establishments or being terminated from employment, it’s clear the storm will not be passing soon. As Joe Biden stated, “This is not about freedom or personal choice.”

Those words do not incite warm, cozy feelings of trust in the establishment. It’s no wonder that Americans feel cornered, likening the situation to the progression of The Seven Stages of Genocide, which includes classification, symbolization, dehumanization, organization, polarization, identification, and extermination. Anyone paying attention is likely fearful, as they should be.

But what Biden, the CDC, the FDA, and WHO don’t seem to understand is the reflexive recoil from the targeted attack. Levels of mistrust have never been higher and more individuals question the narrative every day. Support for routine childhood vaccinations is declining, and herbal medicine is gaining popularity.

People are avoiding hospitals by delaying treatment or forgoing it altogether, but are fears related to COVID-19 solely to blame? Or should we look to suspicion of the medical workers providing said treatment? There have been reports of individuals being administered COVID-19 vaccines by mistake. Most recently, claims that an infant was accidentally vaccinated in Turkey sparked public outrage.

Social media echoes similar reports, though they are almost always quickly swept under the rug by American tech companies. However, when they do slip through the cracks, they reinforce the fear and mistrust so many people are feeling toward medical professionals.

They’re afraid that a simple flu shot will turn into a Pfizer jab with endless boosters, or that their infant’s routine vaccine schedule will turn into pressure from pediatricians to sign for the experimental shot.

No, the constant yelling about succumbing to the vax pressure is not furthering their message. The more they kick and scream, the harder the public plugs their ears.

So, it should come as no surprise when the individuals being ostracized by friends, family, professionals, and the government turns away from hospitals entirely. Forget the COVID vaccine, citizens will struggle to trust anything in a medical pamphlet if choice and free will are taken out of the equation, “accidentally” or not.

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