Self-Proclaimed “Car Guy” Joe Biden Appears to Get Very Confused at The Detroit Auto Show


Joe Biden calls himself a “car guy.” I’d like to see that senile buffoon pass a DMV test to renew his license. This old goof hasn’t driven in decades. But we’re all supposed to believe that Joe is this hip, cool cat, driving around town in his convertible (gas) corvette, with those godforsaken sunglasses on. It’s an image his Handlers want to sell, but honestly, nobody’s buying it. Nevertheless, Joe shuffled over to the Detroit Auto Show, where Mr. Car Guy, was led around and showed all the pretty, shiny cars like a good little boy.

Afterward, his Handlers made an “electric vehicle” post on his Twitter account showing Joe opening the door of a car… but there’s one very big problem…

The car Joe is admiring in the photo is actually a gas-guzzling V8.


Here’s what Joe said: “You all know I’m a car guy. Today I visited the Detroit Auto Show and saw firsthand the electric vehicles that give me so many reasons to be optimistic about our future.”

Of course, Joe was mocked, and rightfully so. His entire Twitter account is so phony and cringeworthy.

“A total joke…fraud being sold to the American people.”

“I’m gonna pose with a 100K gas-powered Corvette and give handouts to the wealthy for EV’s while you can’t afford groceries.”

“Biden: Go buy an electric vehicle! Also Biden: Immediately gets into a vehicle that gets 10MPG of PREMIUM GASOLINE Literally, nothing is more quintessential Joe Biden than a tweet touting EVs, along with a picture in a gas guzzling super car.”

“Biden wanted to see the electric vehicles he claims yet all he seems to look at is the 670 horsepower V8 powered corvette.”

“Still haven’t been to the BORDER “

“He hasn’t driven a car in over a decade. Not to mention this is a Corvette ZO6. Very much NOT electric. Lord have mercy!!”

Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you’re going to talk about electric cars in a tweet, you might want to make sure the corresponding photo includes some kind of electric car. Otherwise, you’ll be sending yet another confusing and discombobulated message… something Team Biden does very often and very well.

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