TikToker shamed for ‘Forbes Friends List’ ranking friends by salary


For these friends, it’s all about the Benjamins. 

A group of pals made a now-viral “Forbes Friends List,” and even went as far to rank themselves from wealthiest to poorest to prove it.

TikToker Tom Cruz shared a video featuring a detailed spreadsheet that outlines the salaries, paid time off opportunities, vacation budgets and relationship statuses of his 17 closest buds.

“A few years ago, me and my friends started making a spreadsheet breaking down our incomes and availability for travel,” said Cruz, who claims to be a real estate investor from North Carolina, in the trending clip.

“We have the friends broken down here from Shawn, my top-earning friend who makes over $5 million, to who we call ‘Broke Bobby,’ who makes $125,000.”

Cruz’s jaw-dropping post is no longer available on TikTok but has garnered over 2.8 million views on Twitter when it was reposted Wednesday.

“It’s incredibly helpful,” he said of his fortune file, titled “Forbes World’s Billionaires List: The Richest in 2020.” 

Six of the friends, including Cruz, bagged more than $1 million over the last year, per the clip. The others, including “Broke Bobby,” enjoy six-figure incomes. 

Cruz went on to explain the significance of each column in his crew’s livelihood hierarchy. 

The spreadsheet also shows “how much available PTO or paid time off we have,” he said, pointing to the boxes denoting the number of vacation days each guy can use for travel. Their paid leaves from work ranged from “no limit” to the number of days they can take off to zero PTO. 

Cruz’s “Forbes” list ranks his friends from the richest, Shawn who makes $5 million, to “Broke Bobby” who makes $125k.

“Bonuses,” Cruz continued, moving along to the other columns. “How much we’re willing to spend on a three-day trip, how much we’re willing to spend on a seven-day trip, marital statues, our willingness to travel to a third-world destination, if we’re willing to split a private flight and if we’re degenerate gamblers or not.”

But while Cruz considers his riches-ranking list “very pragmatic and motivational,” Twitter critics are calling it “classless” and “classist.”

“Imagine setting up a class system inside your friend group lmao,” one commenter quipped

“I hope this is fake,” another person complained. “People are starving, dying, suffering. No one needs to see this. Also, your friends were fine putting their income on blast? Reevaluate yourself. It’s sick.”

Cruz did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment. 

Cruz shared a follow-up video ranking his less wealthy friends, entitled "The Welfare 10."
Cruz shared a follow-up video ranking his less wealthy friends, entitled “The Welfare 10.”

But he did create a follow-up video that ranks the “bottom ten earners” of his friends group. 

“They call themselves the ‘Welfare 10,’” Cruz explained before showing the spreadsheet breakdown of his most cash-poor pals. 

“[These are my] really good friends, I’ve known most of these guys since college,” he said. “A couple of them are unemployed, all of them make under $100,000 per year.”

Cruz’s friend Kyle tops the “Welfare 10” list, raking in $92,000 annually. And a buddy named Gump rounds off the log with his $25,000 income. 

For this less well-to-do group, Cruz broke down their traveling budgets and tastes in a more practical way. 

“We have to change up the questions,” he said, noting that this list’s columns differed from those in his “Forbes” file. 

“Will you eat at non-chain restaurants? That’s very important to understand,” he said pointing to the boxes indicating his poorer friends’ willingness to spend money on exotic foods

“If they’re [able] to do first-class hotels and flight. If they have points, that’s important,” Cruz continued. “And we have a few degenerate gamblers in here as well.”

Despite his salary segregation, Cruz says he doesn’t judge his mates based on how much money they make. 

“I don’t care about my friends’ income,” he assured. “It’s just very helpful when we’re planning day trips or road trips to see where everyone’s at money-wise.” 

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