Unemployment increases as Biden’s destruction of economy continues


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Charlotte, NC — US jobless claims rose for the second straight week, defying economist’s projections of job decreases. Some economists had predicted jobless claims to fall to 320,000, but instead, the number rose to 351,000.

Some media outlets quickly pounced on the information, seeming to push for more economic relief. Bloomberg News shares that a continued slow down is now expected throughout the third quarter “amid a pullback in stimulus spending.

CNN tried to bury the dismal news amid a “stock rebound” as they try to help their Democrat friends safe face amid their failure. No doubt more stories will continue to come out about how reducing and eliminating unemployment benefits will cause more problems.

The unemployment numbers are just the latest as the Democrats continue their destruction of the US economy. Radical extremists, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) are celebrating the news. She is calling for a reduction in defense spending to fund the radical spending wish list.

Other Democrats are highlighting the national debt and spending bill negotiations. They are saying that something must be done quickly before unemployment rises to 9% if the nation defaults on its debt. They also claim that without the massive spending bill, we will continue to experience economic hardship.

Perhaps we have moved on as a nation and forgotten the economy prior to the pandemic. We had no issues with unemployment, experiencing record-high employment in many sectors. But of course, the Democrats put a stop to those great things.

They continue to assault any actions that former President Donald Trump put into place to benefit the nation. They are working to eliminate the tax reductions in the spending bill, which will result in tax increases and increased unemployment as well.

The latest employment numbers should be no shock but are simply the resulting decline for our nation under the leadership of the Biden regime.

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