[VIDEO] Look What Happens When a Reporter Asks Kamala a Tough “Climate Change” Question LOL


The reason that most of these left-wing scumbag politicians get away with all their BS is that we don’t have a media that holds them responsible for much of anything. Imagine for a minute what it’d be like if there were a team of reporters following politicians around, stuffing mics in their faces, and making them legitimately explain some of the stupid nonsense they do. They’d probably think twice about their actions, and that would definitely benefit us. But the media doesn’t do that because they’re part of the Democrat Regime.

However, on a rare occasion, you’ll find one reporter who actually asks a good/tough, and meaningful question, and I want you to watch how the scumbag politician withers when that happens. They don’t know what to say, they’re caught off guard because that’s not supposed to happen. Dems are supposed to stand there and rattle off idiotic talking points and a string of lies without any interruption.

Well, this one local reporter decided to drop a tough question on Kamala, and as you’d expect she had absolutely NO answer for him, at all.

Here’s how the exchange went down: HARRIS: We’ve “invested $370B in what we can do to address the climate.” Q: “A lot of that $370B relies on credits, rebates…how is the family supposed to work around that if they don’t have the initial money?” HARRIS: “Well we think about the costs of things in totality.”

You can watch the video below:

She makes Joe Biden look and sound like a Rhodes Scholar, doesn’t she?

Here’s what people online are saying:

“The average working family will NEVER see benefits of this. These same people will be paying off the debts of the people who it WILL help. & now, since their college loans are paid for, these college grads can now use the free’d up funds to get even MORE credits & rebates”

“Translation: We don’t care if you don’t have the money. Our virtue signaling is enough.”

“370 billion taxpayer dollars for the religion of climate.”

“She is UNQUALIFIED for the job and is PROOF of why we should NOT hire based on RACE or Gender!”

“She left out two very important words “we [the rich] think about costs in totality”

“Dems are out of touch and stupid.”

While Americans figure out how to pay for their skyrocketing groceries and expensive gas, the Dems are spending hundreds of billions to make their rich, white, liberal voters happy.

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