[VIDEO] Meghan Markle, The Dutches Of Netflix, Gets Snubbed By Three UK Women


I don’t know if you caught this video that’s making the rounds online of Meghan Markle getting snubbed by several British women, as she made her way down the line, shaking hands after the Queen died. And even those who shook her hand didn’t look too thrilled about it, to be honest. Why on earth would Megahn, some American D-list actress, be out there, as a “representative” of the British Royals, who she’s been throwing under the bus for the past year or more? I don’t know why they put her out there, maybe she insisted on it, wanting to be part of “history” and all the pomp and circumstance.

I guess now, the “royal treatment” is okay for Meghan… when it suits her, right?

The New York Post reported that Meghan offered a handshake — but received a metaphorical slap to the face instead.

Meghan Markle has been spectacularly snubbed by three British women as she tried to shake their hands outside Windsor Castle.

The former “Suits” star, 41, appeared alongside Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton outside the castle Saturday as they greeted crowds mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Markle — whose popularity has plummeted in the UK since she quit the royal family in 2019 — received a mostly warm welcome, but three mourners weren’t so receptive when the ex-actress extended her hand.

Viral video shows Markle walking past the trio, who were standing behind a barricade. The duchess offers her hand to the first young woman who appears to offer nothing but an icy smirk back. A second young woman busies herself by adjusting her sunglasses so as not to greet Markle. Meanwhile, a third, older woman keeps her head down and refuses to put out her hand to meet Markle’s.

The “Archetypes” podcast host seemingly took the snubs in stride, simply moving on to the next group of mourners.

You can watch the video below:


Did you notice how nobody really seemed all that excited to shake Meghan’s hand?

I am sure the Brits don’t need some narcissistic, controlling “woke” American standing there helping them through their grief.

They’d probably prefer shaking hands with a hungry Grizzly bear.

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