[VIDEO] Queens Royal Guardsmen Collapses On Live TV Right In Front of Her Coffin


There was some very serious drama that happened as the Queen lay in state at the Palace of Westminster. A Queens Guardsmen went down like a sack of hammers. The poor man, just collapsed right there on live TV, and as mourners were filing in to pay their respects. All of this happened right in front of the Queens’ casket. Daily Mail reported that a guard has fainted off the podium while holding vigil next to the Queen’s Coffin as she lies in state inside the Palace of Westminster.

Hundreds of thousands of mourners have been queuing to pay their final respects to the monarch following her death at Balmoral on Thursday.

But onlookers were aghast when a guard began swaying on his feet moments before he collapsed.

The man had moments earlier briefly stepped off the podium before retaking his place as other servicemen joined him for a changeover.

But seconds later he blacked out and fell forward, landing sprawled on the stone floor to loud gasps from bystanders queueing to pay their respects.

The live stream also cut out for several minutes as police rushed to the man’s aid.

The Queen’s coffin, which has been placed on a raised platform called a catafalque, is being guarded around the clock by units from the Sovereign’s Bodyguard, the Household Division, or Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London.

Scary stuff.

You can watch the video below:

Many people in the comments mentioned how his knees were locked because he was standing in one position for so long. They say that will cause people to faint.

Let’s hope that’s all it was. God knows there are a lot of other strange collapsing and bizarre illnesses going around, so we’re hoping for the best for this man.

He looks to be an older gentleman so I really hope he’s okay.

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