[VIDEO] WOW. Martha’s Vineyard Spokeswoman Says The Migrants Can’t Stay On The Island


I find it so interesting that the lilly-white island of Martha’s Vineyard, which voted 80 percent for Joe Biden, and so inhospitable toward the migrant that they claimed to support. Governor DeSantis flew about 50 or so illegal immigrants to the island yesterday, and you’d think it was the second “Pearl Harbor.” Everyone on the island is coming apart at the seams. Why? These are very wealthy white liberals, surely, they can help out some migrants who need support, right? I mean, these people expect border states to do all the work, maybe it’s time they step up and do something since it’s a case that they believe in so deeply, right?

And in case you’re wondering how many rich white liberals live on Martha’s Vineyard, here you go:

And apparently, the very white rich liberals on the island, do not want to help the migrants, because an island spokeswoman is now saying, they’ve got to go.

You can watch the video below:

So, Martha’s Vineyard has “housing issues” huh? Do they think border towns that have had to deal with this chaos for decades, don’t have issues? That’s not an excuse. They need to offer up some rooms in their mansions, so these illegal immigrants can blend into society and enrich the island.

Isn’t that how this little game works? I know that’s how it works for all of us peasants, but apparently, the elites don’t like it when they have to play by their own rules.

These rich white liberals will talk the talk, and they’ll get together with their other rich liberal pals, and “march” for BLM and all that jazz, but if some needy black people showed up and needed support, would they help them?

Don’t count on it. 

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